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Tile in Covina, CA


Tile in Covina, California


Trendy yet timeless, tile continues its impressive tradition of style and staying power. Made to withstand virtually any type of daily challenge, tile offers infinite creative possibilities for your home or business.


At Westland Carpet One Floor & Home of Covina, California, you’ll find an extensive inventory of both indoor and outdoor tile products. We carry hundreds of options to suit every color scheme, style, space, and budget. Are you considering a tile installation for your business or home? Here are things you might like to know before you make your purchase.


What Are the Different Types of Tiles?

Tile has attractive and reliable options for every style, both classical and contemporary, and there are plentiful colors and patterns to add distinction. It’s easy to customize your property using tile, and tile is typically straightforward to take care of.

While tile can be made from a wide range of materials, most are made from ceramic, porcelain, or stone.


What Is Tile Made Of?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both made of organic clay that is fired in a kiln. Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature which makes it denser and waterproof. Stone tile is made from organic minerals and stones including granite and quartz.


Why Choose Ceramic Tile?


Why Choose Porcelain Tile?


Why Choose Stone Tile?

What Is Wood-Look Tile?

Presenting us with a wonderful alternative to hardwood, wood look tile is crafted out of durable, damage-resisting ceramic or porcelain.

Made to perfectly mimic many different hardwood species, wood look tile brings the ease and customization potential of a fired tile to your floors and walls.


Is Tile or Hardwood Flooring Better?

For lovers of hard surfaces, wood look tile can be one of the better ways to floor. While it looks and often feels much like popular hardwood species, wood-look tile won’t ever need sanding or polishing, Simple go over it from time to time with a broom or a damp mop- then go about your day! For these reasons and so many more, wood-look tile is currently more popular than ever before, bringing all the looks you love to our area’s finest homes and businesses.


Where Can Tile be Installed?

How to Prep for Tile Installation

Long before your tile installation can begin, you’ll want to start prepping your space properly, creating a blank canvas. This means cleaning your wall or subfloor and taking much care to ensure every bit of old flooring, dust, debris, or old adhesives is removed.

Once your space is clean and dry, it’s time to take close inventory. Is your subfloor truly level? If not, all cracks and uneven spots will need to be leveled and filled in. This all needs to be done before you or your installation crew begins to grade and grout.


Can I Customize My Tile?

Your home is your personal oasis, and you prefer spaces that stand out rather than blend in. Tile, which is equally at home horizontally and vertically, is a wonderful way to express yourself indoors and outdoors.

With thousands of tile choices, combining all your favorite materials, textures, dimensions, and shades, it’s easy to customize your home. We can help match you with products that fit your budget, functional needs, and décor tastes, arriving at a tile backsplash that’s as unique as you are.


Our Tile Collection

When you are looking for quality tile in Covina, CA, we’ve got you covered. Westland Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of North America’s favorite independent flooring cooperative. Shop small and local while exploring great tiles from top brands.

To learn more about tile, please visit us in-store soon or start browsing our tile selection online now!


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Caring for Tile


Tile products, by definition, are extremely low maintenance - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part in ensuring a long, long life for your recent investment.