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Hardwood Flooring in Covina, CA

Hardwood Flooring in Covina, CA


Hardwood flooring is the ultimate home indulgence. With its rich textures, brilliant visuals, and enduring value, a perfect hardwood floor adds a distinctive, elegant look to your property.

At Westland Carpet One Floor & Home of Covina, CA, we’re your trusted destination for better hardwood flooring. Our incredible inventory of engineered and solid hardwoods, along with our years of industry expertise, make us a valuable resource. If you have a craving for new hardwood, we can help you make the best decisions for yourself, your family, or your clients.


Best Hardwood Flooring Styles


Hardwood flooring continues to inspire our imagination and offers up hundreds of distinguished styles. There are hardwood flooring options to fit every style preference, including hardwoods with various:


What Types of Hardwood Flooring Are There?


Hardwood floors can be manufactured using wood sourced from many types of tree species. There are both domestic and exotic hardwoods to consider. Pine, oak, and maple are among the top domestic varieties, while teak and cork appeal to those who seek something more unique.

Every hardwood species comes with its unique set of abilities and will vary in terms of hardness.

Some of the most popular wood flooring species include:


What is Engineered Hardwood?


Whether you opt for solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, know that there’s more than what’s seen on the surface.

Engineered hardwood has a look that’s identical to solid hardwood, but it’s actually crafted by pressing together layers of hardwood veneers. The result is a denser floor that can withstand more moisture and humidity than its solid counterpart. Engineered flooring is inherently sturdier, and it won’t easily dent beneath heavy furnishings. This flooring can be installed below grade and can sometimes be refinished.


What is Solid Hardwood?

A tradition that's worth revisiting solid hardwood flooring is cherished by history buffs everywhere.

With every single plank crafted from a solid hunk of wood, solid hardwood adds incredible curb appeal and if meticulously kept, can hold its own for generations. Still, solid hardwood has certain limits. You wouldn’t want to install it in a laundry room or bathroom, and it cannot be installed below grade. Humidity or frequent moisture will cause it to age before its time, so install it with utmost care.


Where Can I Install Hardwood Floors?


Solid hardwood flooring installation should be limited to rooms with a drier climate and minimal activity. A consistent relative humidity level is essential. We recommend engineered hardwood products for rooms frequented by pets and kids.


Our Hardwood Floor Selection


Westland Carpet One Floor & Home is an independently owned and operated member of North America’s best-loved flooring cooperative.

Please visit us soon at 116 Shopper’s Lane in Covina, CA, to browse our latest hardwood displays, or shop us online today


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Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Caring for Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring will last for a long time in your home if you maintain it. Be sure to check out our maintenance guide to learn how to keep your hardwood floors looking new.