Types of Carpet

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Types of Carpet

Versatile and inviting, there’s certainly a lot to love when it comes to carpeting. Today, there are many different ways to enjoy carpeting, which is wonderful news for homeowners with children and pets, as well as busy families on-the-go.  At Westland Carpet One Floor & Home we’re your local flooring experts and can help you narrow down your selections, based on your lifestyle and needs. Using our unique Select-A-Floor system can help you streamline the process, based on your warranty preferences and other specifications. 

Of course, having an ample understanding of carpet fiber and the distinctions between different fiber types is a sensible initial step in obtaining a carpet that looks and functions as needed. While it’s important to consider your color and texture preferences as well, a careful and educated fiber choice can make a huge difference in determining how long your carpet will last in your home or business. 

Types of carpet fiber include nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin/polypropylene, and wool. 

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Carpet Fiber Types

Nylon is prized for its softness as well as its impressive capabilities. Nylon is made to last, and is typically treated for maximum stain and fade resistance, making it one of the most popular carpet types today. 

Polyester has a texture similar to nylon, but is significantly more affordable. While polyester was once considered inferior in terms of wear capabilities, recent innovations are changing that and today there are polyester carpets that resist stains, wear, and tear. 

Triexta is a synthetic that’s lauded for its impressive stain-resistance capabilities. It doesn’t need to be treated in order to do so, as it’s manufactured with inherent durability. 

Olefin/polypropylene is a synthetic fiber typically used to create eye-popping patterns. Made for incredible visuals, with less emphasis on durability, olefin rugs are a nice option for formal dining and living rooms, where foot traffic is more infrequent and style reigns supreme. 

Wool is a naturally-sourced, sustainable fiber that comes from organic sheep fleece. It is renowned for its colors, as it naturally captures and holds dye. Wool is a great choice for allergy sufferers, as it naturally filters out allergens. It also resists mold and mildew. 



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